Gourmet Experts: Green at heart

Irish gourmet products with a unique taste

Company Owner Marc Funder is a passionate Chef and has always enjoyed his trade. And yet something was missing - the passion for a project which he could not only materialize, but to do good at the same time. In November 2015, Marc founded Gourmet Experts Ltd. - a company that handles in high-quality food, gourmet products from Ireland produced from family run businesses. The Aim, to rediscover speciality products and to experience new tastes, Gourmet Experts since then distributes top quality across Europe, and that at lucrative prices.


The idea came, as Marc was increasingly approached by friends and acquaintances about his good relations with Irish family farms with Angus cattle. As Angus beef is one of the most exquisite meats worldwide and the unique taste for any meat lover becomes a real treat for the palate, this was the foundation stone for the company gourmet experts. The Flag stone was set.


With the idea to import high-quality gourmet products to Europe, Marc started to order Angus cattle from his sister and his brother-in-law, as well as friends farms and agricultural enterprises in Ireland. To provide customers in Europe.

With success! And within a short time, Marc managed to receive national talk about himself and Gourmet Experts and won more and more friends and businesses for the good taste of Ireland.


Although Marc already has received requests from some large restaurant and grocery chains, he would like to retain the individuality of Gourmet Experts. Dealing only with smaller customers and individuals. For gourmet experts is one thing above all: green at heart! Therefore, the Gourmet Experts team firmly believes that quality over quantity has a distinct advantage.