Gourmet Meat from the best farms in Ireland

Gourmet experts with knowledge and love to nature

You can only convince others, if you yourself are totally convinced of something. As Irish people, we know the special quality of the products we produce and the real taste experiences they deliver. We know how exclusive our Angus cattle taste because we grew up on one of our farms, and have witnessed life in agriculture from small on. And precisely this understanding that produce needs no steroids, antibiotics or other preservatives in the production creates a natural taste sensation.


Meat is not a product that you buy for little money at the supermarket. Meat is a food that you should always enjoy and appreciate accordingly. Nevertheless, we consider our task is not to evangelize our customers. On the contrary, we want to animate our customers refrain from mass production and to focus instead on high-quality meat, so that every steak is a real highlight.


Our Angus cattle, as well as our Irish lamb come from Southeast Ireland - the region where the fields are at its greenest, and the sun shines the most on our green island. We have played here as children, we know every corner of our farm like no other. The cattle graze outside as long as the ground holds them, then they are housed in spacious sheds, the cattle are over 80 per cent grass fed. Our sheep are 365 days on the green fields. The fresh sea air on the coast is not only good for us, but for our animals also. The salt water content in the air and on the grass, is healthy and we believe provides for that special component in the taste of our meat.


Irish Angus cattle in Ireland