Angus cattle from Gourmet Experts

We on our farm stock mostly Angus cattle and acquire only the best Angus for our customers. Angus cattle are diverse for many different reasons - here´s why:


In the 18th century Ireland's cattle breeds as well as the appearance of the landscape changed forever. The oak forest that covered most of the Irish countryside had been cleared, and in its place, fields developed surrounded by hedges. This new type of agriculture focused on grazing land of high quality, and new breeds of cattle, such as shorthorn, Hereford and Angus were introduced, this was going to change the Irish landscape for centuries. Angus cattle were first bread at the end of the 18th century, also referred to and known as Aberdeen Angus, Angus cattle originally come from the districts of Angus and Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Today simply referred to as Angus cattle.


The meat of this breed is very popular, because the meat is fine grained and marbled. The amount of fat is very low, and consumers who are worried about high cholesterol levels, can consume the meat safely. Angus cattle are very robust, easily adaptable and very frugal. In addition, Angus cattle are very good natured and peaceful. Even the fully-grown bulls are not usually aggressive. Angus cattle can adapt to a wet winter and a hot summer very well. The Angus breed is widely used and is used for crossing with other breeds of cattle. The cows developed early and calve without problems. Angus cattle are used in farming for a numerous of reasons. 



 There are two Angus breeds, the Scottish Aberdeen Angus, which is completely black and the and the continental Angus, which has two colours, namely black or dark brown and red to yellowish grey. The udder has a white colouring; however, the mucous membranes are blackish. Furthermore, this beef is hornless. The cow reaches a Withers height from 120 to 140 cm and a weight of 700 to 800 kg, while a steer has a Withers height from 130 to 150 cm and a weight of 800 to 1,000 kg. The Angus breed is of a strong stature and has rather short legs in relation to their body build.


Aberdeen-Angus cattle have many benefits to the beef farmer both commercially and in terms of lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits why we breed Angus cattle:


  • The number one brand in the red meat sector
  • Aberdeen-Angus beef commands a premium price
  • The premium quality product is much loved by consumer and retailers
  • Strong consumer demand


  • Great nature
  • Good strong growth rate
  • Unbeatable maternal attributes
  • Pleasure to breed
  • Good pelvic structure for ease of calving
  • Excellent conversion and fleshing ability

Beef farming has its challenges and we are all seeking an easier life.