Crafted Coffee

Von Hand gelesen, natürlich abgekühlt, mit Liebe produziert

The Crafted Coffee Company procures, roasts and supplies high quality, specialty coffee. Coffee that can be enjoyed without high-tech brewing equipment and which directly benefits the farmers who grow it.


Our Vision

Our business is based on our passion for coffee – a full bodied hot drink with endless flavor for highest pleasure. But we also care about fair production, fair payment and economic friendly farming. Coffee has a big impact on the world, the environment and the society as well as vigorous enjoyment.


Our Sources

We buy high quality coffee in small amounts and we go as close to the source as we can – whenever possible directly to the farm. With great distances between the growing areas and the ethnic values in some countries, it´s hard to put your trust in the middlemen. We only buy from farms where we can track down under which circumstances for workers and environment the coffee production is run. 


Our Coffee

As young and upcoming roasters, we are starting with a limited number of carefully selected beans along with one blend. Over time we will offer a broader range of single-origins and new blends; depending on our customer’s preferences. We only use a small capacity roaster that requires perfected skills, experience and knowledge to bring out the best of the bean. Each new variety is test roasted and cupped as many times as we need to bring out the optimum complexity of the bean. Coffee tasters all over Europe brew the samples in their own kitchen for us. With the help of their reports, we are able to produce the best roasting profile and the perfect mix of beans.

Only then we offer the coffee for sale. All our coffee is roasted to order once a week, packaged within twelve hours of roasting and is in less than 24 hours on it´s way to you.


Your Advantages

  • A unique Bean Selection
  • Freshness Guaranteed, roasted and packed within 24hrs
  • Highest Quality and attractive presentation with the French Press brewing system
  • The Consumer will be valued as a coffee expert

How we support

  • Weekly Roasting
  • Individual tailor made Sales possibilities
  • Fair Prices
  • Increase in coffee volumes
  • Personal Service with regular contact
  • Flexible ordering system
  • No complications, Quick and Easy
  • Fast Delivery
  • Used Coffee Partners are List and Beisler GmbH who purchase directly from the plantations.


“Where there is coffee there is honor, Friendships and happiness”

(Quote from Sheikh Ansari Djezeri Hanball Abd-al-Kadir)


We have taken this into our hearts from the growing of the plant to the Roasting of the bean up until the coffee reaches its destination.

Why our coffee is special and whereit comes from

  • An exclusive selection of 100% Arabica beans
  • No water cooling or weight gain
  • 100% biologically grown with focus on our planet
  • No Industrial chemicals only natural organic fertilizer’s
  • Planting and harvesting is carried out by family owned plantations of single and joint area communities