The proper use of valuable, Irish resources

Meaningful sustainability concept by the Irish food board

Ireland is one of the most beautiful and greenest countries in the world, two-thirds of the wide-open spaces has been used for agriculture and agribusiness. The focus in particular on beef and milk production, it is important for both the farmers and the Government that sustainability is kept in mind when dealing with these resources.


In 2012, the Irish food and safety authority started the initiative called "Origin Green" in Ireland, to promote sustainability and to become a leader worldwide in this area. With success: To date there are more than 165 companies involved, which account for almost 60 per cent of Irish food and drink exports. Their goals: the reduction of energy consumption by at least 20 percent, the implementation of plans for more intensive use of rain water, as well as the tracking of emissions decreasing these by 30 percent by 2020. When it comes to CO2 balance, people can talk positively about Ireland. According to a study by the European Commission, the CO2 balance for Irish beef is among the lowest in Europe.


Gourmet Experts has internalized this sustainability concept also, our idea of a resource-conscious trade with selected gourmet products corresponds to exactly the thoughts of "Origin Green". Through our individual orders, an animal is not needlessly slaughtered, no fish caught without the reason for consumption. Each of our customers can trace their order back to the production and to the farm, we focus on quality assurance, transparency and honesty. Gourmet Experts stays green at heart, our environmental awareness is just typical Irish. We should never forget: this world belongs not to us but to our children.