Gourmet experts rely on fair conditions and excellent quality

Meaningful trade for all

When Gourmet Experts were established, the one condition in the foreground was for fair trade relations. And that for both sides. We offer only products from suppliers that use only one hundred percent natural feed, keep their animals humanely, and are committed to their profession. Our customers can be sure that our partners do not use any steroids or antibiotics in feeding. These are the ethics of our suppliers and our team.


Correspondingly, it is the same with our coffee. In cooperation with the Hamburg coffee company list & Beisler who purchase the beans not through an intermediary, but directly from the plantations to ensure that the coffee farmer obtains a fair price and profits from the trading relationships.


Sustainability is the priority at Gourmet Experts, we do our job especially with the beliefs. That our meat is so tender because the animals develop no stress hormones, the coffee so delicate, so aromatic, through natural cooling and not with water. We believe in good taste and always seek the optimum for your palate.