The best Gourmet products directly from Ireland

Order our finest gourmet meat directly from our farm in Ireland. Buy directly in our Online-Shop. 100% Grassfed. 100% nature.

We from Gourmet Experts find that superior and premium products improve your life quality immensely. Why? That’s easy: A great taste in every aspect is worth the wait and money. We care about our world and every step that we take has sustainability in for mind. We have respect for our animals and produce, therefore understand the value of the products we produce.


Gourmet Experts is a company that has exquisite and exclusive Gourmet products form Ireland and exports these abroad to mainland Europe and Asia. The thought process behind it all is: the pleasure of good food, the fascination with true culinary delights, the desire for tasteful and certified foods with a sustainable background.


Company owner Marc Funder is committed to the task, to take advantage of the rich resources of his home country of Ireland and to share with others his passion for delicious products of the highest quality. Through this idea a business model has formed that excels in quality, taste and love for the product. This business model has developed into a cooperation with agricultural businesses, small manufacturers who all have sustainability in mind.


The Irish products are: Gourmet meat from Angus beef, Irish lamb and duck, fine seafood from exclusive oyster farms, exquisite scallops, smoked salmon, hand-cut cold smoked trout, Sea Salt from the cleanest waters in the northern hemisphere. The handpicked coffee does not come from Ireland but comes from a Hamburg importer who purchase directly from the plantations where we can be sure that the farmers receive a premium for their produce.


The Products from Gourmet Experts are now available throughout Europe, the produce is available either online or in selected outlets.