Irish Sea Salt Flakes

Pure and natural gourmet sea salt flakes from West Cork,  the homeland of Irish artisan food. The O'Neill family lovingly produce Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes at their home on the ruggedly beautiful Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland. The O'Neills are passionate about their gourmet sea salt flakes and spent years developing and perfecting a production process that blends age old salt making methods with energy efficient production techniques, to produce Irish sea salt flakes that are 100% pure and natural. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes are produced slowly and naturally, retaining over fifty natural trace elements that are essential for your wellbeing. 


Michael and Aileen O'Neill know all there is to know about the beautiful Beara Peninsula, West Cork.  Michael has spent over 15 years fishing national and international waters and is an expert in the seafood industry. However, it was Michael’s late father, Bernie, who initially thought of the idea of making Irish sea salt. Bernie believed the high quality waters of the West Cork coast could be utilised more and considering Michael and Aileen’s proximity to the Atlantic (it is quite literally at their backdoor) it seemed like a great idea! Bernie encouraged Michael and Aileen to pursue the idea and helped them throughout the lengthy process of finding the right production technique for Irish salt.


Michael and Aileen wanted to make a natural and pure Irish sea salt using traditional salt making methods, blended with modern and energy efficient techniques. Finding the right recipe and technique did not come easy and Michael and Aileen, at times, were tempted to give up. But when Michael and Aileen finally discovered the perfect production process, they were delighted and knew the hard work had been worth it. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt was officially launched in 2010 at Shop (Ireland's food, drink, retail and hospitality event).

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt Ó mhuir go bord (From sea to table)

When Michael and Aileen decided to pursue the idea of making sea salt at their home on the Beara Peninsula, they were adamant to produce their sea salt using sustainable production methods. With this is mind, Michael and Aileen spent a number of years working on their production process and, after a lot of trial and error, finally mastered their winning salt making technique. Their production process ensures that Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is in its most natural and purest form.


Irish Atlantic Sea Salt contains no additives, preservatives or anti caking agents. Michael and Aileen’s production process is so gentle and slow that the sea salt flakes retain over fifty valuable trace elements, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, all of which are essential for your wellbeing. At Irish Atlantic Salt, the natural resources that are so readily and freely available are treated with great care and the sustainable production methods that Michael and Aileen employ do not deplete these resources. The production of Irish Atlantic Salt causes no adverse effects on the local marine ecology and environment…the O’Neill family love it too much!


Different sea salts have different tastes, what determines the quality and taste of a sea salt is the sea water used to produce it. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is based in a highly coveted location, with access to the Grade A quality waters of the Beara Peninsula. Lickbarrahan, where Irish Atlantic Salt is produced, sits on the most south westerly point of Ireland. The peninsula stretches out into the vast Atlantic Ocean, where the waters are notably unpolluted and crystal clear. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is a high quality salt due to the quality of the sea water from which it is produced.

Table Salt vs. Sea Salt

Table salt usually comes from salt mines or the sea and is a highly refined product. Table salt is extremely processed and contains additives such as aluminium (a toxic substance), drying agents and anti-caking agents. Table salt is produced by heating or scorching salt at a very high temperature to remove any moisture. Once the salt is scorched and all moisture is removed, what is left is an unnatural product that is hard on the body. Table salt can also be produced by a man made evaporation process involving intense heat and processing the salt crystals to reach a standard of desired quality. Anti caking agents, additives and preservatives are also added to the salt during this process. Iodine is usually added to table salt, the iodine that is added is usually synthetic, which can be difficult for our bodies to process.


Irish Atlantic Sea Salt on the other hand is unprocessed, unrefined and does not contain Irish Atlantic Sea Saltadditives, preservatives or anti-caking agents.. The sea salt flakes are in an unprocessed form and as a result, retain vital trace elements that humans need, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Sea Salt also tastes much better than table salt and rather than being an over powerful seasoning, just a pinch of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt will bring out the unique flavours in food.

Serving Suggestion - Irish Rib Roast

You will need:

  • Rib of Irish beef (appx. 10-12lbs)
  • 6tbsp Irish Atlantic Sea Salt
  • 1tbsp crushed black pepper
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley


  1. Rub the prime rib with Irish Atlantic Sea Salt and roughly crushed black pepper. (For a finer salt, simply crush Irish Atlantic Salt in a mortar and pestle, or place it in a plastic zip lock bag and crush it with a rolling pin)
  2. Pluck a handful of parsley leaves and press onto the roast. Place the stems at the bottom of  the roasting pan, then place your roast on top. The stems will give the jus a great flavour.


  1. Slowly bake in the oven at 160 degrees celsius for 2 ½ - 3 hours, checking from time to time.
  2. Once the roast is ready, remove from the oven and cover with aluminium foil and set on top of a stove to rest for 10-15 minutes. (This will help to “marry the juices”.)
  3. Remove and discard fat from pan drippings and set drippings aside


  1. Slice the prime rib, being sure to catch the juices
  2. Add these slices to pan drippings and serve this jus over each delicious slice of prime beef
  3. Garnish with parsley and sprinkle Irish Atlantic Sea Salt over each slice