Finest seafood from Meylers Fish Company

Fresh, tasty, exquisit: Salmon from our partner Meylers Fish Company (Wexford, Ireland) is an absolute culinary delight. Grandmother Anastasia started this traditional business on the east coast of Ireland and it is now successfully run by the third generation, her granddaughter Linda. Meylers Fish Company is famous across Ireland for it's smoked and BBQ salmon - and once you've tried it you'll know why.

Ireland is a world leader in farming organic salmon of the highest quality. The Atlantic coast of Ireland offers salmon the perfect conditions for a natural lifestyle. Here they swim approximately 13,000km in a marine environment before being fished sustainably after around 18 months. This results in firm flesh, low fat content and intense flavor. All Irish salmon is certified organic under strict European regulations and are fed natural, non-GMO ingredients.

As well as being delicious, organic Irish salmon is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and contains many important vitamins and minerals that benefit the heart and circulatory system.